A Whole Lot Of Really Good Stuff From The Collections Of A Collector. For years I have been collecting images and quotes of ‘things’ that appealed at the time and moment I saw them. Images that struck an immediate chord. Quotes that immediately hit home. Humorous, pithy, nonsensical, and motivational quotes and images……...and quotes and images of love. I’ve always wanted to share them and what better way to do that than put them on a T-Shirt? So, I give you these images and quotes for you to wear. I try not to use profanities in my designs but when I do I hope the words used are relevant to the image and are not used, only for the sake of doing so. I would like to think these designs are T-Shirts for the World. 'Golden Quotes' on t-shirts that will fire your imagination. 'Golden Inspirations' for the soul on t-shirts for the world. The perfect gift for men, women or child. These T-Shirts can be presents for your husband, wife, daughter, son, boyfriend, girlfriend, lover, aunt, uncle, friend - or yourself. I hope they will be treasured. I hope they will appeal to all 'thinking' t-shirt lovers. I hope, once they put the t-shirt on, they won't want to take it off. Who Am I? I am a proud Polynesian man from Aotearoa (New Zealand).